INCULT - Iniciativas Culturales is an independent international cultural organization based in Barcelona. We identify, commission, curate and support singular cultural content created by highly qualified artists and scientists from around the world, with the aim to present it to broad audiences.

Our selection criteria are based on the conviction that culture is an integral part of and functions as a catalytic force for progress and social transformation. Our objective is to present these innovative creations, which rest on the cutting edge of culture and contemporary knowledge, to an expansive diverse public, in spite of the project’s complexity. Our determination is to intervene in the social debate and generate processes of reflection while we encourage critical thinking and differentiated perception.

To reinforce the interweaving of art and science in society, we work with absolute commitment and in close collaboration with the creators on the conceptualization and direction of each project, keeping in mind the need to contextualize each proposal within the culture and demography in which it is introduced. Moreover, we seek the cooperation of adequate entities, such as research institutes, private sponsors, and public institutions which are in tune with our objectives.

INCULT’s activities correspond with those of an operative foundation: we impel the development of vanguard cultural projects, project managing, fundraise and provide a highly qualified team and a vast network of collaborators as well as cooperation initiatives for each project we select.



Iniciativas Culturales

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